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In today’s competitive business world, 24/7/365 tech support is increasingly becoming a norm and an integral part of any successful businesses. The internet and advancement in technology have shrunk our world, compelling companies catering to the global market to start providing tech support round-the-clock. Unfortunately, hiring more in-house staff to run and maintain 24x7x365 tech support services means spending more salaries and increased overhead costs. This proposition is untenable for any business, considering investing in 24×7 tech support may not necessarily translate into direct ROI.

Our agency helps companies to hire qualified full-time specialists at cost-effective rates. Our experienced tech recruiters are experts in tech support staffing around the world. With a candidate repository and networks built over many years, our recruiters can quickly source and place the right tech talent for your business. Better yet, our services are flexible and can be calibrated as your hiring needs fluctuate. We prescreen, perform background checks, and vet all our candidates for the specific qualifications and experience you require, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the very best from us.

Our Dedicated IT Support Services

There are multiple companies offering outsourced IT services. However, not all are born equals as most aren’t able to cover all the IT support elements. Here’s a full list of IT support services you can expect when you work with our outsourced teams.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

As a business owner, your IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of your company’s technical and operations elements, including your hardware, software, and networks. As such, having a flexible and scalable IT setup is paramount to keeping your company operating at full capacity and expanding in line with your values and culture. Our team boasts extensive knowledge and first-hand expertise in IT infrastructure outsourcing. This makes us your ideal partner in sourcing qualified full-time specialists offering the latest technologies. This allows your company to create, build, manage, and maintain an agile IT infrastructure. Our outsourced dedicated IT support teams can help in:

  • Cloud migrations infrastructure
  • Enterprise systems infrastructure
  • Virtualization infrastructure
  • Data hosting and data consolidation infrastructure

Server Management Services

Server management services entail tracking and supporting servers to enable them to perform optimally. As a business, server management is crucial in reducing, and in some cases, eliminating downtime and lags in the system. As the business continues to expand, server management also ensures that the company’s guidelines are maintained, as well as boosts the server environment security.

We help companies fill server monitoring & management positions, all of which cover every aspect of your server, ensuring maximum reliability and uptime for your website. Our remote server admin remotely handles all the technical server issues including configuration, optimization, security, and 24/7 monitoring. By hiring a remote network management service provider through our company, you can be sure that your Windows/Linux servers are manned round the clock.

Remote Network Management

Today, technology & IT systems are deeply embedded in every section and department of an enterprise, ultimately increasing the cost and operational complexities. The fear of losing the competitive edge in terms of adopting the latest technologies and the complexities of hiring network management expertise is mazed. We combine our broad expertise in the areas of cloud, apps, infrastructure, security, and compliance to help companies optimize their technology reach by helping them hire the right candidates. Still, our services are available in a flexible and agile approach with remote network management services. Our IT network outsourcing services can also help in the following;

  • Consultation. In partnership with your IT department, our team of network management professionals delves deep into your organization to understand all network’s technical requirements. As a result, they’re able to offer the most appropriate prescription.
  • Implementation. Our outsource security management teams can design, build, and manage all the capabilities of your managed network.
  • Monitoring & management. Our team of professionals also offers 24/7/365 global support for servers, network, storage, cloud, IP telephony, apps & security.
  • Lifecycle support. To find cost improvements and help optimize network performance, our remote security engineer/s offers ongoing support to all our clients.

Security Management Services

Hackers use your Internet connectivity to gain entry into your digital platforms and your cybersecurity defense begins with the impregnability of the network. For many years, our company has developed tech support teams to meet the IT challenges of organizations like yours. Our teams provide IT insights, solutions, and support to companies that are concerned about their cybersecurity. As a true full-circle IT staffing service provider, we also run and maintain our own data center, which enables our tech support professionals for hire to deliver security management services that meet your unique requirements. Our remote tech support team can help in the following areas:

  • Cyber essentials
  • Cyber security packages
  • Network security
  • Cloud security

Applications and Cloud Management

Cloud management is an important element of any IT department, as it entails controlling public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure resources. As a business, having a coherent cloud management strategy is important in exercising control over those dynamics, as well as scaling your computing environments. Without an experienced and competent IT staff in place, it can be difficult to implement a cloud management strategy. These professionals must know industry best practices and tools, as well as consider the cloud management goals of your business. Our remote technical support specialist headhunters can help find qualified candidates in the following areas: creation of a new cloud management strategy, cloud management automation and orchestration, performance monitoring, governance and compliance, security analysis, cost management.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s from a ransomware attack, security breach, human error, or even natural disaster, lost data can negatively affect your business. Recovering lost data can take weeks or even months and that can permanently damage your brand’s reputation and bottom line. Studies have shown that, on average, employee cognition decreases by up to 20% after a work halt caused by neglect in data backup. Our remote technical support engineer sourcers can help find qualified candidates in the following areas: handle data backups, manage disaster recovery, develop effective data recovery strategies.

Data Monitoring Services

Your company’s data is a valuable asset that can be utilized to drive greater success. For this reason, the quality of your data must be high and adhere to high data policies standards. Our remote IT support services can help you find qualified candidates in the following areas: data monitoring, data enrichment, data profiling, data standardization, data cleansing, data matching & de-duplication.

IT Help Desk Services

A help desk is an important resource in a company as it helps furnish customers and internal users with information related to the company’s products, services, and processes. It is manned by an IT help desk technician and provides a centralized repository to troubleshoot and facilitate solutions to any known problems within an organization. And with IT help desk outsourcing all these resources can be easily accessed and the processes therein streamlined. Our IT help desk staffing agency can help you fill the following positions: help desk technician, desktop support team lead, technical support supervisor, bi-lingual IT support provider, SaaS technical support, and much more.

Supported Tech Support Tiers By Our Outsourced Teams

Our team of tech professionals offers support across all the tiers of the tech support hierarchy. What’s more, our services are customized to meet your financial capability, resource capacity, and business philosophy. Our IT support staffing services cover the following tiers:

Tier 0 Tech Support

Our team of professionals can help implement Tier-0 support, which includes incorporating automated or self-service solutions such as a self-help service desk, ITIL support, automated password resets, and knowledge base lookup.

Tier 1 Support

Our team of professionals can also help in Level 1 IT support. Typically, it is used to attend to a user’s phone calls, record user requests, reply to emails, and troubleshoot login issues.

Level 2 Tech Support

The tier 2 help desk handles technical analysis, any in-depth troubleshooting, and backend support. Our team of tech professionals not only helps to build level 2 tech support solutions but also implements them.

Level 3 Tech Support

Our Tier 3 support teams will also handle top-level technical management functions, as well as provide expert-level support for your product or services.

Our IT Support Staffing Process

Our goal is to delve deep into your organization to understand your specific hiring needs and culture so we can provide the right talent. And to do so, we partner with you to develop and implement a wholesome strategic hiring plan. This is how our process plays out when you hire tech support team from us: 

1) We meet offline/virtually with you to understand your hiring needs and business culture.

2) Develop a compelling employee value proposition for potential candidates and create a catchy advert.

3) Use our proprietary network of candidates to source and pre-screen all the eligible candidates.

4) Conduct job interviews with the best candidates.

5) Hire the best candidate and make a fitting job offer.

Why Use Our Outsourced IT Management Services?

In a cookie-cutter industry, we strive to be different. With outsourced IT management services experience running across many years, helping thousands of businesses across the world, and building trustworthy relationships with our clients, we’re able to deliver the best possible tech support candidates at the best prices. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with us for your tech support staffing needs:

We build trust. We strive to understand your hiring needs and challenges, which allows us to provide hiring solutions that make sense.

Industry expertise. With industry experience spreading over many years, we’re well versed with the trends and every nuance of the tech support business.

Round-the-clock availability. Our experienced team of customer support is available 24/7/365 to attend to all your needs and ensure that your IT infrastructure remains intact.

Experienced staff. Our team of professionals boasts a combined experience of over 40 years in tech support staffing, so you’re assured that you’ll be getting the very best from us.

Customer-oriented approach. Our hiring processes are designed & implemented with the sole objective of meeting your hiring needs.

Affordable pricing. Our costs are aligned with industry standards without compromising the quality of our services.

People-centered. Instead of obsessing with resumes, we meet all our recruits in person to establish their personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. 

Proactive. Our team of remote tech support professionals offers proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT ecosystem to avoid any downtimes.

IT Support Services FAQ

Q: What are the benefits of having a remote tech support team?

A: Whether you’re a small business or a large multinational corporation, remote tech support has multiple benefits. Some of them include but are not limited to reduced costs, increased productivity, quick response time, and instant access to experts.

Q: How do you recruit IT support specialists?

A: There are multiple ways to recruit support specialists. But perhaps the most ideal way to do it is through an agency like ours. Not only do we have a huge repository of candidates, but have created networks with passive and active job seekers. 

Q: Where will my dedicated tech support team be located?

A: All the members of your tech support team are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, meaning they work remotely. This is beneficial for any company as it gives their support team a global outlook, as well as brings fresh perspectives from the different team members depending on where they come from.

Q: How quickly can you form a dedicated team?

A: Depending on the number of positions you need to fill, it may take us between 2 weeks and 5 weeks from screening to onboarding.

Q: Which industries do you support?

A: Generally, we support all industries. Whether you’re in fintech, manufacturing, healthcare, tech, or any other industry, we’ve got the right tech support talent to match your industry or domain.  

Q: Why should I choose your Company for staffing IT support department?

A: Cost-saving, experience, 24/7 availability are some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with us for your IT support staffing. Along with that, our team of professionals will delve deep into your operations to understand your hiring needs, to ensure we get you the most fitting candidate.

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