Protect your IT infrastructure from the devastating impact of sophisticated cyberattacks and data breaches by reinforcing the cybersecurity of your IT ecosystem with a remote team of experts hired with us for IT security outsourcing services to boost vulnerability scanning, analysis, prioritization, and proper response-building capabilities of your technical team

Why Build a Remote Computer Security Response Team

Both the size and landscape of cybersecurity threat is swelling exponentially due to ever-changing threat vectors, techniques, and technologies adopted by highly skilled threat actors globally. It becomes so challenging for numerous types of small and medium-sized companies to counter those threats through in-house teams. According to the Grand View Research projections, the global volume of cybersecurity services will cross $97.84 billion by 2021 with a huge share of remote security services.

The main reasons for the growing popularity of building remote outsourcing IT security team include:

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  • Multi-layer protection – A remote computer security outsourcing team provides highly-placed and multi-layered protections because they specialize in continuous threat monitoring, managed endpoint detection and response (EDR), security information and event management (SIEM), network management, threat intelligence implementation, and others.
  • Cost-efficiency – Building a team of remote security vulnerability engineer and specialists is much more competitive than making an in-house team.
  • Access to a large pool – Finding the right cybersecurity professional is one of the most challenging parts for businesses, especially for startups and SMBs. Hiring and retaining a remote computer security engineer with required skills and expertise are much easier due to access to a large pool of tech-talent across the globe.
  • Bridges technology and skill gap – Many companies, especially small companies with limited budgets benefit from remote team building to bridge the technological and skill gap in the company.
  • 24×7 support – Diversely located remote tech support team can provide security services round the clock to improve the monitoring and tracking coverage.
  • Security standard compliance – A remote IT security/compliance team helps enterprises maintain a high level of security in line with the security standards because they specialize in qualifying and maintaining security standard compliance professionally.

Advantages of Using Top Security and Vulnerability Management Services Remotely

According to the Branch Essence Research information, market size of remote security managed services is about $29.74 billion, which is expected to reach $50.6 billion by 2027 with a growth of over 7.9% CAGR. This huge growth is driven by the advantages of using remote security vulnerability assessment teams such as:

  • Money saving – Building a team of remote network security engineer and specialists saves substantial money as compared to in-house teams.
  • Increased uptime – Hiring an IT security specialist remote team improves consistency and uptime of online services/servers due to robust security mechanisms adopted in the operations.
  • Quality of service (QoS) – A properly managed IT infrastructure in terms of security enhances the quality of service to create a great user experience, which obviously reflects in the business bottom lines.
  • Preemptive responses – A remote security vulnerability assessment response team uses the threat intelligence (TI) to build data-driven response to preempt any emerging cybersecurity attacks. Thus, your business does not get affected by nasty downtimes and data breaches.
  • Effective use of technologies – Professional team of remote experts helps the companies to adopt security technologies more effectively to achieve the best out of the features and capabilities of those tools and platforms.
  • Greater ROI – By avoiding or reducing the impact of data breaches and other cyberattacks lead to greater return on investment (ROI) much faster.

Where and How to Hire Computer Security Specialists Remotely?

Where and how to choose the best company to outsource IT security services? The most important factors that influence in choosing the location and type of services include the size and type of company, security policy, budgets, quality, location, and others. One of the most attractive regions to explore for remote team building is Eastern Europe. A large number of firms that offer computer security outsourcing services are operating across the Eastern European countries including Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Czech Republic, and others. You can search for the most professional outsourcing company in these countries for helping you to build a remote team of computer security consultant and experts. Among these countries, Ukraine is one of the most attractive destinations in Eastern Europe for companies in Western Europe and North America to build remote IT teams.

The most effective ways to build remote IT security and server management teams in Ukraine include:

  • Outstaffing – A dedicated team to work dedicatedly on your projects under full control of your project manager is the best way to choose for all sizes of companies. It is a cost-efficient and effective option.
  • Outsourcing – Transferring a complete IT security project to a remote team with limited control over the team is another option. It is a costly one.

How a Ukrainian IT Security Engineer Is Unique from Other Countries?

Ukrainian IT security engineers stand out from the others in the global market, especially with the IT specialists and engineers from competitor countries. The qualities of Ukrainian experts that make them stand out from competitor specialists in the field of IT security management include:  

  • Cost saving – Ukrainian IT security engineer saves cost for his/her company on many accounts such as competitive salary, higher productivity, reduced reworks, and flexible working hours.  
  • Innovation – The Ukrainian IT specialists stand at #49 in the global ranking of innovation index (GII)
  • Professional commitment – IT security specialists of Ukraine are highly committed to their jobs and come up with the solution to the problems effectively
  • Quality – Trained under the European quality standards, Ukrainian engineers maintain high quality in their activities.
  • Shared culture & language – Ukrainian engineers share western culture and English language for better communication and collaboration.

Main Services Provided by a Remote IT Security Consultant We Recruit

The major IT security team responsibilities and structure of the security professionals we recruit include:

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Threat Intelligence (TI)

Security specialists we hire scan your entire IT ecosystem including applications, platforms, network elements, connections, servers, endpoints, and others remotely to collect data of vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the network and find out the possible risk factors associated with those vulnerabilities in the company’s IT infrastructure.

Security Analysis

The professional security staff we hire uses the latest data analysis tools powered by the latest technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to get a deeper insight into the security landscape and potential risks posed by different types of threat actors.

Protecting Hardware & Software

Hardware and software assets are professionally protected through continuous surveillance and protective responses, preventive measures, with the help of modern security tools remotely by the security staff we hire for our clients.

Preventive & Preemptive Security Roadmap

The IT security team we recruit for our clients designs and develops a comprehensive preventive security roadmap based on the preemptive measures and guidelines implemented before the cyberattacks pound on the systems. They use threat intelligence, emerging threat vectors, and professional expertise to build this plan.

Security Incident Response

In case the incident of security breach occurs, the security specialists can provide a suitable response to reduce the impact of the attack and secure the resources as fast as possible from any further damage through automated as well as a manual response on the network remotely.

Software Updating & Patching

To maintain a high level of security, the security professionals we hire for our clients update the software applications, platforms, antivirus, anti-malware, and related tools so that vulnerabilities can be patched on time to avert any kinds of exploitation by hackers.

Deploying Security Measures

The remote security specialists we recruit for our clients deploy full security policies such as access control list (ACL), firewalls, IP filtering, intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), antivirus software, and others to ensure the proper security configured on all resources of the company.

Monitoring Security

Another major service offered by the remote IT security team we recruit for you is the continuous monitoring of the security measures, configuration, attributes, and other factors to ensure that the entire system is working under the specified security conditions.

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How May We Help You in Setting-up a Dedicated Computer Security Services Team?

We are a specialized IT security staffing agency that helps you in setting up a dedicated computer security services team remotely through a few very simple steps such as:

  1. Requirement assessment – We collect, analyze, and assess the requirements of our valued clients and propose a very suitable HR solution based on those needs provided by the clients.
  2. Searching talent – Our expert team searches for the most relevant talent based on skills through multiple channels such as social media, referral, job portals, local databases, and others
  3. Shortlisting – We shortlist the resumes based on the skills and client requirements to reach the most relevant CVs.
  4. Interviewing – In coordination with our client, we conduct a series of interviews to hire a candidate.
  5. Offering – Our team issues an offer letter to the hired candidate for acceptance.
  6. Contracting – We sign a contract with the hired candidate with full terms and conditions of job.
  7. Onboarding – Our team introduces the hired candidate with the existing team and company workflows remotely.

If you are looking for outsourcing computer security services to remote team, get in touch with us to build a dedicated IT security team in Ukraine!