Unleash the power of remote infrastructure management (RIM) services to achieve your business goals successfully by improving infrastructure performance and system availability and reducing operational cost significantly through our specialized services of recruiting a remote RIM engineer and other IT specialists in Ukraine

Top Perks of Setting Up a Remote IT Infrastructure Support Team for Your Business

The popularity of remote IT infrastructure management services has increased drastically over a couple of decades now. According to the Research and Markets projections, the global market size of RIM services is expected to top $54.5 billion by 2027 from $28.5 billion in 2020 with a whopping growth of over 9.7% CAGR during the forecast period. This gigantic growth of remote infrastructure services is driven by certain perks that companies obtain such as:

benefits of it infrastructure outsourcing
  • Substantial cost saving – Virtually managed IT infrastructure services saves significant amounts of money on operations & maintenance and HR process management. 
  • Improved uptime – Remote IT infrastructure maintenance increases the uptime of the networks due to continuous tracking of events, performance indicators, and system anomalies.
  • Higher ROI – A fully managed service for round the clock helps businesses increase return on investment due to improved customer experience.
  • Real-time and proactive monitoring – Due to overlapping working hours of remote teams, the IT infrastructure is checked for proactive actions in a real-time environment.
  • Enhanced quality – The quality of IT services managed through remote specialists increases due to the use of cutting-edge technologies and domain expertise of human resources.
  • Team productivity – The productivity of a hybrid team – the combination of remote and on-premises teams – increases significantly due to collaborative and coordinated work done round the clock.
  • Bridges technology gap – Building an IT infrastructure consultant team remotely bridges the technological and skill gap easily.
  • Scalability & flexibility – Scaling up or down a remote team for network infrastructure services is much easier and faster through a professional-level IT infrastructure consulting partner.
  • Robust security – The remote IT infrastructure team specializes in all aspects of managing infrastructure such as security, performance, quality, industry compliance, and others. They maintain a robust security on the infrastructure.
  • Optimized use of resources – Remote infrastructure management team optimizes the infrastructure to achieve the best value of the resources through fine-tuning configurations and streamlining processes.

Why Companies Choose IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Over In-House Teams?

The main reasons for companies to choose remote IT infrastructure solution providers are the benefits and upsides remote teams provide. The main difference between IT infrastructure in house vs outsourcing are shown in the table:

Comparing FactorsRemote Infrastructure TeamIn-House Team
Average costLowHigh
Service uptimeHigherHigh
Team scalabilityFasterSlower
Access to the right skillsHighAverage
Legality bindingsNothingHigher
Recruiting process time ShorterLonger
Working hoursFlexibleRigid
Upfront costNothingLarge
Network securityHigherHigh
HR management & administrationFully-managedSelf-managed

By looking at the attributes and values of the comparing factors in the table, you can easily decide that using the services of remote IT infrastructure vendors for recruiting remote teams for managing the remote IT networks and systems provides numerous benefits as compared to building an in-house team.

Major Services Provided by an IT Infrastructure Specialist We Hire for Our Clients

An IT infrastructure support engineer and specialist we hire for our clients are highly skilled and qualified to provide a range of services such as:

it infrastructure management services

IT Infrastructure Consultancy

The specialists we hire can provide comprehensive IT infrastructure consultancy services by auditing existing IT infra and software applications, design a holistic roadmap for optimized use of infrastructure, build a skill development plan, and compliance with the industry standards.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

NOC services are centralized operations and maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure. The main activities include round-the-clock monitoring, troubleshooting, performance optimization, providing customer support, and maintaining the quality of services. The RIM specialists we hire can provide NOC services professionally.

Database Management

Manipulating, defining, storing, retrieving, and controlling of the business data in the IT infrastructure ecosystem through data queries, hosting, and reporting is known as database management. The IT infrastructure experts we hire can perform database management perfectly.

Data Migration Services

Transferring data from an on-premises or cloud-based server to another cloud with a complete plan in line with the industry standards for maintaining integrity and security of the data is referred to as data migration services, which are performed seamlessly by the experts we hire.

Network Management

Configuring, maintaining, administering, and monitoring of data network elements and connectivity for achieving the desired network performance is called network management. The IT infrastructure engineers we hire for our clients provide network management services professionally.


Cybersecurity is another very crucial service offered by the IT security teams we recruit for our clients. They protect the IT infrastructures such as servers, computers, endpoint devices, IoT, software applications, websites, and other platforms from any malicious cyberattacks through different tools, techniques, algorithms, and professional expertise.

Application Management

Application management (AM) is the management of the entire software-based product lifecycle, which includes requirement analysis, designing software app architecture, developing an application, testing for integrity and performance, and finally updating with the additional features and capabilities to increase the value for the customers continuously. The RIM engineers we hire can provide app management services perfectly.

Telephone & Internet

The monitoring, configuration, and performance reporting of telephone and internet connections, services, and allied services are other major services offered by the IT infra experts we hire for our clients.

System Implementation

The IT specialists we hire can provide end-to-end IT infrastructure deployment solutions perfectly with a professional touch. They can install, boot up, configure, integrate, test, and commission the entire IT infra such as servers, platforms, applications, network elements, connections, databases, endpoint devices, and related items remotely.

build it infrastructure teams

Top Skills and Qualifications of IT Infrastructure Engineer You Should Look for

The trends, technologies, and systems of modern IT infrastructure change very rapidly in the marketplace. An IT infrastructure engineer should be very well aware of those changes and should develop suitable skills to remain relevant in the modern IT industry such as:  


  • Computer networking, routing, switching, ACL, firewall, data communication
  • Network designing, Linux, Windows, Debian, iOS, MacOS, Android, Ubuntu
  • DBMS, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, SAP, ERP, CRM
  • Software testing, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, SIEM, EDR
  • Computer programming, API, JavaScript, Apache, IIS
  • Performance monitoring, troubleshooting, debugging, analytics, problem solving  
  • Web hosting, cloud computing, remote access tools
  • Jira, Confluence, Slack, Asterisk server, IP telephony, internet connectivity


  • Masters in computer systems or computer science with relevant technical certification
  • Masters in telecommunication or software engineering with relevant technical certification

Reasons to Entrust IT Infrastructure to a Ukrainian Tech Support Team

There are numerous reasons to entrust IT infrastructure to a Ukrainian tech support team hired by a professional-level IT outsourcing infrastructure services provider such as:

  • Progressive IT market – Ukraine is one of the fastest growing IT markets in the region with a whopping growth of over 20% YOY. The size of the market in 2020 was $5.026 billion, in which an overwhelming majority was contributed by IT exports.
  • Large IT tech-talent pool – There are over 200 thousand IT specialists in Ukraine and a large number of IT specialists are joining the workforce annually.
  • Competitive cost – Hiring IT infra specialists in Ukraine is very cost-efficient as compared to many competitor countries.
  • Western work culture – The work culture is very reliable based on trustworthiness and professional commitment in Ukraine. Sincerity with job responsibilities and performance is a key attribute of the Ukrainian workforce that you can trust on. Ukraine shares western culture and languages, especially the English language.
  • Ideal geographical position – Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, which is an ideal location for companies in North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and other regions to physically travel. Due to overlapped working hours, it is very easy and effective to communicate with remote teams in Ukraine.
  • Tech-savvy people – A majority of the Ukrainian population is very well known for their tech-savvy approach, especially in information technology and related engineering domains. As many as 130,000 engineering students achieve their graduation degrees in Ukrainian universities that include a huge number of IT related engineering domains.

Why Choose Us for Hiring IT Remote Infrastructure Management Specialists?

We are an expert IT infrastructure & helpdesk staffing service provider, which provides numerous reasons to choose us as your hiring partner such as:

  • Specialized services – Our hiring services are fully focused on the recruitment of domain experts through standard procedures, which are 100% applicable to the domain-specific hiring.
  • Fully-managed recruiting – We provide a fully-managed recruitment service that allows you to focus on your core business ideas and processes.
  • End-to-end approach – Our team focuses on providing unified HR solutions from requirement assessment to consulting, sourcing, recruitment, onboarding, and scaling up the teams.
  • Competitive rates – We charge very competitive rates with fixed prices without any hidden charges at all
  • High-quality recruitment – Our team provides highly skilled, experienced, and qualified IT infrastructure specialists from a large local pool of tech-talent exploiting multiple channels for searching the most relevant talent.

If you are looking for an expert company to help you recruit remote IT specialists, get in touch with us to build a dedicated IT infrastructure team with us now!