Develop a strong brand value of your SaaS product and services by improving customer satisfaction and user experience through professional-grade remote SaaS product outsourcing tech support with us in Ukraine

Where & How to Setup Your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution Support Team?

The demand for SaaS support desk outsourcing has increased significantly in the global market. According to the Research and Markets projections, the global market size of SaaS services is expected to reach $436.9 billion by 2025 from $272.49 billion in 2021 with double-digit growth of 12.5% CAGR over the forecast period. Numerous outsourcing destinations have emerged as the bright spots for building remote SaaS maintenance and support teams like Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Ukraine is highly popular for building remote SaaS operations support teams remotely in companies across Europe, North America and other regions due to:

reasons to build customer support saas team in ukraine
  • Growing IT service industry – The Ukrainian IT industry is thriving with a gigantic growth of over 26% annually, which is the fastest growth of all other sectors in the country. The total volume of IT services stands over $5 billion.
  • Robust infrastructure – The country has a highly connected society powered by the robust IT infrastructure and tech-savvy society. The connectivity for physical traveling within the IT clusters and countries in Europe is also great.
  • Large tech talent pool – Ukraine has one of the largest pools of tech-talent with as many as 200,000 IT specialists in the country and counting.
  • Competitive rates – The average cost to hire a remote technical support engineer in Ukraine is highly competitive as compared to many other competitor destinations. They offer a very graceful cost/quality ratio of the services to the clients.
  • Ideal location with overlapped working hours – The geographical location of Ukraine is very ideal for physical traveling as well as for communication with remote expert support SaaS teams due to central location and overlapped working hours respectively.
  • Professionalism – The workforce of Ukraine, especially IT support SaaS staff, is highly committed to their professional responsibilities to create great value for their respective clients. They are flexible in working hours, and innovative in solving problems.

To set up a professional team for enterprise SaaS support service takes the following simple steps:

  1. Identify your requirements – Make a complete list of services, skills, activities, expertise, and other needs necessary for providing specialized support to your SaaS customers and companies.
  2. Choose the right location – You need to search for the best remote destination for standard support services SaaS such Ukraine and the likes.
  3. Hire technical support staff – This is a complex process to search for the right candidate, shortlist and conduct diverse interviews, and then send offers, sign a detailed contract, and onboard the hired candidate. It needs an expert hiring team, which is not a viable approach for all businesses.  
  4. Find out a suitable recruiting partner – Search for highly expert customer support for software SaaS providers like us to help you build the desired team remotely in Ukraine. 

How to Staff Your SaaS Support Team: Top Effective Ways   

How to hire customer support for SaaS services and products? You can staff an expert team through:

  • Outstaffing – This is a very effective way for almost all types and sizes of businesses worldwide. In this way of staffing, an extended remote team of SaaS customer support 24/7 services is staffed to work under the direct control of the client. The remote team is fully managed by the service provider.
  • Freelancers – Hiring freelancers is another method that can be used for staffing your team. It is a cost-efficient solution but offers a very low level of reliability. A freelancer can disappear anytime without any prior intimation. It is not suitable for business-critical solutions.
  • Outsourcing – In this method, you outsource your entire process to the third-party team to manage the process or a project. It is a very costly solution and offers very limited control over the online tech support SaaS team.
  • In-house team building – It is a traditional way of staffing SaaS app tech support teams. It is very costly and requires a complete HR department to staff and manage it. This method offers greater control and reliability but numerous other technical and commercial disadvantages.

Building an In-House Vs Remote Customer Support SaaS Team

The comparison of building an in-house SaaS customer support representative team vs remote team in terms of numerous factors is shown in the table:

Comparing FactorsRemote Customer Support SaaS TeamIn-House Customer Support SaaS Team
Hiring process costLowHigh
Average salaryLowerHigher
Upfront costNothingLarge
Team scalabilityFasterSlower
Process management efficiencyHigherAverage
Training & career development costNothingHigh
Tech talent retentionEasyDifficult
Access to the right skillsHighLow
HR management & administrationFully-managedSelf-managed
Recruiting process timeShorterLonger
Working hoursFlexibleRigid

It is very clear that building a customer support SaaS systems remote team offers numerous benefits to the enterprises as compared to building an in-house team for SaaS support services.

Main Services Provided by SaaS Support Remote Specialists We Hire

The most important services offered by the SaaS support remote specialists we recruit for our clients include:

saas support remote services

Customer Query Response

Listening to the queries and questions of customers related to the SaaS service/product through multiple channels such as voice, chat, social media, email, and others and providing proper response to the queries made by the clients is one of the major services provided by the SaaS experts we hire.

Software Operations & Maintenance

The team we hire can install, configure, modify, and maintain all operational activities under the pre-specified parameters, KPIs, and quality standards to ensure smooth operations of the SaaS software products/services.

Performance Monitoring & Testing

The SaaS experts we hire can provide the service of continuous monitoring of the SaaS-based products and services and carry out testing in case of glitches in services for running services seamlessly.

Service/Product Customization

To tailor the product or service in line with the needs of specified customers and the company’s business objectives is known as service/product customization, which is done by the team we hire.

SaaS Service Optimization

Removing bottlenecks, misconfigurations, and updating the software and allied tools to make the service capable of performing with full efficiency is referred to as service optimization, which is accomplished by the SaaS experts we hire remotely.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a key component in all types of modern businesses. The efficient use of CRM platforms to manage all activities of customers, partners, business units, and allied teams is done under customer relationship management process. The SaaS support teams we recruit for our clients offer CRM service perfectly.

Debugging & Troubleshooting

The SaaS tech support experts we recruit for our clients are capable of providing software debugging, troubleshooting issues in the SaaS products and services to improve the continuity and consistency of operations.

Patching & Updating Services

Installing patches to the SaaS services and the allied tools, add-ons, apps, and platforms and updating the outdated versions of those software items are other major services offered by the remote SaaS teams we recruit for our clients.

build saas support team

Our Top Capabilities in Staffing SaaS Technical Support Teams

We are the specialized team for staffing SaaS technical support teams remotely in Ukraine with our top capabilities such as:

  • Industry expertise – Our team is highly expert and experienced in building highly skilled and qualified tech teams, especially in the SaaS customer support field. We are well aware of modern technological and market trends in the industry.
  • End-to-end solution – We take care of all processes involved in the end-to-end solution for designing, building, and expanding your remote teams to provide a unified recruitment solution that provides 100% peace of mind to our clients.
  • Cost efficiency – Our company offers highly competitive and fixed prices for the recruitment process and hires the most matching specialists at the competitive salaries to save money for clients significantly.
  • Access to the right skill – We have access to a large pool of talent that we explore through multiple channels to source the right person in the right job.
  • Continual support – Our company focuses to establish long lasting relationships through the best of the best continuous-support.

How Do We Search for Skill-Matching SaaS Cloud Support Candidates for Our Clients?

Our hiring process runs through simple step-by-step activities such as:

  1. Requirement analysis – We collect client requirements, analyze them, and propose a suitable solution.
  2. Searching – Our team uses local databases, social media, referrals, and job portals to search candidates.
  3. Shortlisting – Through automated processes, we shortlist the candidates in terms of experience and portfolios.
  4. Interviewing – We, in coordination with clients, conduct a series of interviews to hire a candidate.
  5. Offering/contracting – Our team sends an offer for acceptance to hired candidates and signs a detailed contact afterwards.
  6. Onboarding – We introduce the newly hired SaaS support staff with the remote team and workflows remotely.

If you are looking for specialized firm to hire remote SaaS experts, get in touch with us to build a dedicated SaaS support team remotely in Ukraine!