Let your mobile app shine through specialized remote customer support in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace by enhancing performance, smoothness, interactivity, and user experience with the help of expert-level mobile applications tech support teams build with us in Ukraine!

Why Outsource Customer Support for Application Software Services

The popularity of application support outsourcing is growing consistently due to numerous business benefits associated with it. According to Statista projection, the global market size of the application outsourcing industry is expected to reach about $141.6 billion in 2026 from $109.5 billion in 2021 with a graceful growth rate of over 5.28% CAGR during the forecast period. Top reasons to outsource software application support include:

reasons for mobile apps support outsourcing
  • Cost efficiency – Remote tech support app service is much more cost efficient than building an in-house support team. It saves more than half of the cost in certain cases and countries.
  • Access to the right skill – Finding the right talent with desired skills is a big challenge in the modern HR industry. Outsourcing IT support staffing helps you to overcome that challenge by finding the right candidates with the right skills remotely.
  • Faster scalability – Scaling up or down an outsourced mobile apps support team is much faster and easier than scaling an on-premises team.
  • Improved productivity – Numerous studies have proven that remote tech support app teams improve the productivity of HR teams significantly due to diverse location, coordinated work tasks, and continuous support round the clock.
  • Industry-specific expertise – The outsourced application support or IT infrastructure teams have expertise in the support industry and are very well aware of modern tools, technologies, and trends running in the marketplace.
  • KPI-based support – The quality of the outsourced support is fully defined under a set of KPIs to improve user experience, which result in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Faster response time – The outsourced teams are dedicatedly focused on the application support services that reduces the response time for the customer queries significantly.
  • Time to focus on core business ideas – Outsourced app technical support provides you with additional time to focus on your core business ideas and processes rather than worrying about the repetitive activities related to mobile application customer support.

Services Offered by Customer Application Support Engineer We Hire

We hire the most relevant customer application support engineer that qualifies our domain-specific criteria so that they can provide a wide range of services to our clients such as:

remote mobile app customer support services

Mobile App Customer Support

Incorporating the complaints of customers into the monitoring and testing of mobile applications to troubleshoot the main issues and provide a corrective solution is known as customer support mobile application service, which is provided by the team we hire perfectly.

In-App User Support

The interaction with customers through in-app communication channels to take their queries and provide solutions to the problems related to in-app purchase, operation, performance, or any other glitches are known as in-app user support. The support engineer – mobile apps we hire for our clients provide this service professionally.

Android Customer Support App

Providing solutions to problems faced by the Android mobile app users such as UI/UX issues, navigation, scrolling, excessive ads, app hanging, performance and other issues is known as tech support Android app service, which is provided by the remote teams we hire impeccably.

Technical Desk

All technical activities related to smooth operations and maintenance of mobile applications such as user experience, app performance, interactivity, loading, testing, troubleshooting, and security checks and others fall under the responsibilities of technical desk. The IT app support specialists we hire can provide technical desk service professionally.

Other Services

The other main services offered by the technical team we hire remotely include iPhone tech support app services, application testing, analyzing user feedbacks, multi-channel query handling, creating guides and helpful procedures for clients, and many others.

How We Can Help Your Company in Staffing Customer Support Applications Teams

We are the provider of end-to-end human resources hiring solutions to our clients so that they put a strong focus on the core business ideas. The major ways we help your company in staffing customer support applications teams include:

  • Dedicated team building – Our company can help you build a remote team for mobile app support that dedicatedly works on all types of mobile support services.
  • Project-based hiring – We can help you recruit support specialists for a certain task to be completed within a specified project period.
  • Team augmentation – Our team can provide a professional-grade hiring service for expanding your teams to meet the increased demands.
  • Peak season hiring – If you face increased workload in peak seasons for remote mobile app customer support services, we can hire suitable staff to meet your seasonal requirements.
  • HR consulting – Our specialist team can help you provide very suitable end-to-end HR solutions based on the requirements of your company by analyzing your needs and existing resources.
build app tech support team

How Our App Tech Support Team Staffing Process Works

The process of staffing the app tech support team remotely in Ukraine is based on a few standard steps, which are accomplished with the help of numerous automated tools, team expertise, our business partners, and a range of public domain and proprietary resources like:

  1. Client requirement analysis – Our specialized team of remote hiring collects the HR requirements of our clients and analyzes them in comparison with existing team capabilities, and available infrastructure and resources to propose a very matching solution.
  2. Talent sourcing – We use numerous channels such as social media, referral partners, online job portals, local databases, and others to search for the most relevant application technical support specialists based on the required skills, experience, and qualifications.
  3. Shortlisting – We use different automated tools and our industry expertise to shortlist the candidates based on their experience and relevant work portfolios.
  4. Interviewing – A series of technical and personal/HR interviews are conducted by our team in coordination with our clients to select the most matching candidate.
  5. Offering – Once the client approves hiring, we send an offer letter to the hired candidate to accept the job offer.
  6. Contracting – A detailed contract encompassing all aspects and terms and conditions of the job is signed with the hired candidate to finalize the hiring process.
  7. Onboarding – Our team introduces the newly hired app support specialist with the existing team and workflow of the company.

What Makes App Technical Support Specialists We Hire Unique in Market

Top skills and qualities that make the app technical supports specialist we hire unique in the marketplace include:

Technical Skills

  • Multichannel support, trouble ticket management  
  • In-app support, feedback analysis, problem reporting   
  • UX, UI, app troubleshooting, performance monitoring  
  • App testing, debugging, in-app ads and purchase check-out  
  • App navigation, databases, authorization
  • Access control, log-in issue, app updating
  • Live chat, email handling, voice calls, social media support
  • Operational guide, step-by-step procedures, knowledgebase

Personal Qualities

  • Highly committed to responsibilities
  • Polite and professional attitude towards customers
  • Detail-oriented and problem-solving qualities
  • Creative and innovative thinking with out-of-the-box approach
  • Flexibility in working hours and focus on customer satisfaction
  • Transparent communication powered by effective interpersonal communication qualities
  • Target-oriented & customer-focused
  • Proven track record of successful projects
  • And much more

If you are looking for a specialized firm to hire remote app support experts, contact us to build a dedicated app tech support team in Ukraine now!