Provide a powerful thrust to your business by boosting performance, efficiency, security, and reliability of your IT network with the help of our remote IT outsourcing network management services in Ukraine!

Why Setup a Dedicated Network Support Specialists Team in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian IT industry has transformed into a dynamic vertical to qualify the country as one of the most popular destinations for IT outsourcing and network remote management services worldwide. Numerous companies from all major countries choose to build a dedicated remote network support services team in Ukraine to take benefits like:

why hire network support specialists from ukraine
  • Thriving industry – Ukraine outsourcing industry is powered by a huge volume of over $5.026 billion exports and a market of over $16 billion of total IT services.
  • Faster growth – The IT outsourcing industry is growing at a whopping rate of over 20.44% per annum to expand the opportunity spectrum for all sectors of IT services.
  • Competitive prices – Ukrainian IT industry offers a highly competitive price for building a highly skilled, qualified, and professional-grade team of computer network support technician, engineers, and experts.
  • Robust IT infrastructure – Ukraine is considered as one of the highly connected nations in the regions with reliable broadband internet, highly connected society, powered by the tech-savvy people and supportive government policies.
  • Large pool of tech talents – Tech-talent pool of tech-talent in Ukraine consists of over 200,000 IT specialists and thousands of new engineering graduates are joining the pool annually.  
  • Greater price/quality ratio – Ukrainian network support engineer remote hiring saves you not only cost but also increases the value of service by improving quality. Thus, you achieve a better price/quality ratio.
  • Ideal location – The location of Ukraine is ideal for the companies located across all major countries in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and others. The working hours of Ukraine overlap with the countries in these regions to benefit from.

Main Reasons to Outsource Network Management Services

When we compare the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing network management services, we will come to the conclusion that the benefits surpass downsides significantly. The most important benefits include:

  • Reduced cost – One of the most important benefits of outsourcing network management services remotely is reduced cost in terms of salaries, recruitment process, recurring charges, maintenance and other charges.
  • Access to the right skill – Using the services of remote network support providers for network management outsourcing helps you to overcome one of the most important challenges to find the right candidate with the right skills. Remote outsourcing allows you to explore the boundaryless arena to find out the desired skills.
  • Increased productivity – Remote network support team increases overall productivity of existing technical team by leveraging the benefits of multi-location, technical diversity, expertise in modern trends and technologies, and many other attributes.
  • Better talent retention – retaining remote network admin and other specialists is much easier and effective than on-premises employee retention.
  • Greater network visibility – With the help of a remote team of professional network operations get better insight into the network performance, security, and reliability through the increased coverage of network monitoring and performance testing.
  • Faster scalability – It is much faster to find sys admin on network remote management than searching for an in-house specialist. Thus, network management outsourcing allows faster scaling of teams to fulfil the changed requirements.

Key Skills & Qualities to Look for in a Computer Network Support Engineer

A network support engineer deals with the setting up, configuration, testing, commissioning, monitoring, securing and optimizing the network for the best performance and reliability of operations. How to find network admin and support engineer with the right skills and qualifications? To hire a network engineer with the right skills and qualifications, you should look for:

Technical Skills

  • Network management, LAN, WAN, SAN, TCP/IP suite, VoIP
  • Routing, switching, load balancing, packet tracing, network monitoring
  • Windows, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, MacOS
  • Wi-Fi, software updating, firewalls, ACLs, IDS/IPS
  • Cloud computing, Azure, GCP, AWS, Oracle
  • Web server, DNS, Gateway, analytical skills, troubleshooting 

Major Qualities

  • Should possess effective communication
  • Must have problem solving qualities through out-of-the-box approach 
  • Strong analytic power to apply in strategic thinking 
  • Team leader and team player 
  • Customer convincing qualities 
  • Professional commitment and attitude 

What Makes a Ukrainian Remote Technical Support Specialist Different from Others?

Ukrainian remote technical support specialists have proved themselves unique with many competitors due to great personal and technical qualities like:

  • Technical expertise – Ukraine is a highly tech-savvy country where achieving command over the technology is the passion of the population. Network engineers possess a high level of technical expertise in their respective domains.
  • Professional attitude – Ukrainian network specialists are committed with their job and clients to produce high value to the employers
  • Problem solving – Problem solving through innovative approach and out-of-the-box experiences makes Ukrainian engineers very unique from others.
  • Quality of work – Quality of work performed by Ukrainian engineers is matchless with many engineers in the competitor countries.
  • Large number of specialists – Ukrainian offer quality competitiveness within the country due to a large pool of over 200 thousand IT specialists that are second to none in the global market.
  • Flexible working hours – Network support engineers are very flexible in working hours to provide the best value to clients while working in very odd timings.

Major Services Offered by Remote Network Support Specialists We Hire

We recruit highly skilled, qualified, and experienced remote network supports specialists that can provide a wide range of network operations and maintenance activities such as:

computer network support services

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Network specialists we hire can provide all activities for configuring, monitoring, and optimizing the diversely spread network of storage servers connected through switches and high-speed cabling. They can build and monitor a professional-grade shared network of data storage professionally.

Virtual Network Management

Developing and deploying the virtual network management APIs and creating virtual networks for separated operations within the local area networks (LANs) based on the authorization and authority is referred to as virtual network management service. The network engineers we hire for our clients can provide virtual network management service with full confidence.  

Data Migration

Data migration services include the assessment and maintenance of the data security and integrity during transportation, devising a plan for migration from present location to the desired location, and integrating with the desired servers and network resources, which are professionally accomplished by the teams we recruit.

Network Security Management

Implementation of authorization, access control lists, firewalls, intrusion prevention policies, and other parts of the network security plan adopted by the company are the major activities that can be accomplished by the remote network engineers we hire for our clients.

Network Infrastructure Management

Network operations engineer remote support specialists we recruit for our clients can offer end-to-end management for network infrastructure deployment, maintenance, optimization, and performance monitoring. The concerned activities include installation of platforms, configuration of routers, network ports, and connections, adding security policy, setting network performance KPIs, and many others.

Network Designing & Deployment

Remote network consultants and analysts we hire for our clients can design a highly efficient network by utilizing the minimum resources such as bandwidth connectivity, data storage space, telephone lines, routers, switches, and other network resources. They are also experts at deploying the network exactly as per the network layout and operational designs.

Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Performance monitoring and network optimization go shoulder to shoulder in operations and maintenance. The continuous monitoring of the performance indicators and glitches that affect the network performance are monitored through numerous monitoring tools and techniques. Those glitches are studied deeply through tracing and testing, and finally, the bottlenecks of the performance are removed to optimize the network for providing better performance is known as performance monitoring and network optimization service, which is done by the remote experts we hire perfectly.

Disaster Recovery

Modern networks are mainly targeted by the threat actors for denial of service (DoS) attacks in addition to malware propagation. If the network collapses, a proper plan is used for the recovery of that disastrous impact, which includes the restoration of data, configuration, security measures, performance KPIs, and other parameters. The network remote specialists we hire can provide disaster recovery service smoothly.

Other Services

The other services provided by the network and web hosting support teams we recruit for our clients include VoIP telephony, internet provisioning, web hosting, trouble ticket management, network troubleshooting, and others.

build network support team

Key Values & Reasons: Why Choose Us to Hire Network Support Experts?

We specialize in providing help on how to hire and recruit network technicians remotely for managing the networks of our clients professionally.

We provide great values such as:

  • Reduction in hiring & operations cost
  • Improvement in network performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction & user experience
  • Filling of skill and technology gaps
  • Time saving for core business ideas
  • Improved business bottom lines

The top reasons to choose our company as your remote hiring provider include:

  • Fully managed services with future support
  • Competitive and fixed prices without any hidden charges at all
  • Expertise in recruitment industry with successful track-record
  • Faster turnaround time while maintaining high quality benchmarks
  • Access to a huge pool of tech-talent to choose from
  • Well-placed recruitment process in line with the latest industry standards
  • Shared western culture and proficiency in English  

If you are looking for a professional company to help you hire a remote network support team, contact us to build a dedicated network support team in Ukraine!