Boost your business bottom lines by enhancing and optimizing the performance, reliability, and security of a wide array of servers on your IT infrastructure via recruiting an expert-level team of remote server admin, engineers, and other specialists in Ukraine  

Building a Remote Server Management Services Team Vs In-House Team

Building remote server and network support teams offer more operational as well as commercial benefits and freedom Vs setting up an in-house server management team as compared in the table:

Comparing FactorsRemote Server Management TeamIn-House Team
Hiring process costLowHigh
Tech-talent retentionEasyDifficult
Team scalabilityFasterSlower
Training & career development costNothingHigh
Access to the right skillsHighLow
Legality bindingsNothingHigher
HR management & administrationFully-managedDifficult
Recruiting process timeShorterLonger
Working hoursFlexibleRigid
Upfront costNothingLarge

In the light of the comparing factors, it is very obvious building a remote IT server support services team offers more benefits in terms of cost, flexibility, productivity, and performance than setting up an in-house team of server administrators and specialists.

Key Perks of Remote Server Management Outsourcing

According to the StrategyR projection, the server management market size of North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific countries is expected to reach $15.4 billion by 2027 with a whopping growth of over 10.1% CAGR during the projected period of 2020-2027. A huge surge of over 15.69% CAGR growth is expected in the remote server management software market size during the same period. This indicates a substantial increase in the remote outsourced server management domain, which is associated with numerous desirable perks like:

server management outsourcing benefits
  • Cost-efficiency – One of the most important perks offered by remote server management services is cost effectiveness. A remote half-time staff can save an average cost of $11,000 per employee and $22,000 per full-time employee.
  • Productivity – More than 47% of the professionals believe that remote workers increase productivity of the team and consequently the organization significantly.
  • Higher retention rate – A sizable ratio of 74% of employees believe that remote work option makes them less likely to switch the job. Thus, it is a more effective way in retaining the remote server admins and engineers.
  • Faster scalability – The remote server management team is very fast to scale up and down as needs changes in the operations of the company.
  • Fewer legalities – The organizations using the remote server management services have to face very lesser legalities in terms of social and industry labor laws and regulations, human rights, safety, and many other domains.
  • Improved uptime – The remote server administrators monitor and maintain the servers round the clock to improve the uptime. According to Gartner information, the average cost of a server downtime is $5,600 per minute. Increased uptime means increased benefit.
  • Reduced data breaches – An average cost of one single data breach is about $4.24 million. Remote server management team secure data breaches to save your business from its catastrophic impact.
  • Access to the right skill – Choosing remote server management allows you to hunt for the right professional with the right skills to enhance the quality of your services.
  • Greater ROI – Remote server management improves performance, speed, security, and reliability of servers that increase customer satisfaction and user experience to achieve greater ROI much faster.

Main Services Offered by Remote Network Server Support Specialists We Hire

The specialists we hire for our clients offer a wide range of remote IT support services such as:

remote server management services

Server Administration

Server administration is a comprehensive domain of server management in which the creation, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, testing, and commissioning of a wide range of servers operating on different platforms is accomplished. The server experts we hire can in outsourcing server hosting and all other activities associated with the administration of all types of servers used in modern IT infrastructure.

Server Virtualization Service

The creation and maintenance of multiple virtual versions of hardware, operating systems, data storage out of the existing IT resources are referred to as server virtualization. The server specialists we hire can perform all types of server virtualization activities through different tools and technologies such as VMware, OpenVZ, Hyper-V, SAN, Citrix-Xen, and others.

Server Hardening & Security

Securing connections, ports, data, access permissions, parts, configuration, and other components on all types of servers in an IT ecosystem is known as server hardening. This process is very crucial for preventing any kinds of emerging security threats to the servers. The professionals we hire can provide all those services and server patching solutions to maintain a high level of security in the IT environment.

Network Server Monitoring

The specialists we hire can monitor a wide range of servers continuously such as web server, database server, DNS server, Active Directory, mail server, application servers, and others. They are also expert at providing DNS server troubleshooting for resolving domain name server issues that affect the routing of requests on the internet.

Server Optimization

Server optimization process include multiple activities such as database or web server vulnerability scanning, removing weak configurations, adding required features, removing unused services, enhancing computing resources in such a way that servers provide optimized performance, security, and speed. The staff we hire can provide all those services effectively.

Server Data Backup

The server specialists we hire can perform routine as well as need-based server data backups so that the recently updated data can be restored in case of any mishap or data breach.

Disaster Management & Recovery Services

The management of data, applications, and services based on a business continuity and server disaster recovery strategy in such a way that they can be secured with full integrity, especially the business-critical secrets and data in both on-premises and cloud-based ecosystems and can be restored back to normalcy in case of any disastrous incidents. The specialists we hire can accomplish all those services perfectly.

Server Migration Services

Transporting entire service and allied resources from one server to another one is called server migration services, which are easily provided by the server engineers we recruit.

build server management team

Why Choose Us as a Reliable Server Tech Staffing Agency in Ukraine?

We are a professional company that specializes in IT specialists and server engineer remote hiring for server management services. The most important reasons for choosing our reliable services include:

  • Expert services – We offer expert-grade recruiting services by assessing all aspects of client requirements, candidate profiles, market and technology trends and much more.
  • Competitive prices – Our company offers highly competitive and fixed prices without any hidden charges at all.
  • Well-defined mechanism – Our company follows well defined hiring mechanisms in line with the industry quality standards and best practices.
  • Access to a large pool of tech-talent – We have access to a Ukrainian tech-talent pool of over 200 thousand IT specialists to choose from.
  • Managed services – We offer fully managed services from requirement assessment through onboarding and future support.
  • Better focus on business – Our services provide hassle-free services, which allows our clients to focus on their core business processes and ideas.
  • Continuous support – We provide continuous support to our clients for team augmentation, team scaling, and bridging technology and skill gaps in case of changed requirements.

How Do We Help to Hire a Server Admin & Other Server Management Experts?

We follow a well-placed step-by-step process to hire a server administrator and other specialists like:

  1. Client requirements – We collect, assess, and analyze the requirements of our clients and design a suitable solution in the light of requirements and industry trends and technologies.
  2. Sourcing – Our recruitment specialists use multiple channels such as social media, job portals, local databases, referrals and others to source the most relevant candidates.
  3. Shortlisting – We use modern tools and our expertise to short the most relevant candidates.
  4. Interviewing – A series of multiple interviews is conducted by our team in coordination with our clients.
  5. Offering – Our team sends offer letters to the selected person for his/her acceptance of the job offered to him/her.
  6. Contract – A detailed contract with terms and conditions of the job is signed with the hired candidate.
  7. Onboarding – The hired candidate is introduced to the existing team and processes of work used in the company by our recruiters.

Major Benefits of Having Remote Server Support Services Team in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the best server monitoring service outsourcing destinations in the world that offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Progressive IT market – Ukraine is a highly progressive IT market with over $5 billion IT export and powerful IT infrastructure fueled by better connectivity and government support.
  • Growing tech talent pool – Ukraine is the home of over 200,000 IT specialists and a large number of IT graduates are continuously joining the pool to increase it substantially
  • Competitive outsourcing – Ukraine is one of the most competitive markets, which provide better quality to cost ratio than other competitors.
  • Quality & professionalism – The people of Ukraine are highly committed to their professional lives and offer the best value to the employers by striving for quality, consistency, and reliability.
  • Ideal location – The location of Ukraine is ideal for traveling from across the world and shares overlapping working hours with many countries.

If you are planning to hire remote server admins, get in touch with us to build a dedicated server management team remotely in Ukraine now!