Secure business-critical data of your enterprise and improve data integrity, business continuity, customer trust, and brand reputation by leveraging the power of remote disaster recovery services via recruiting the data backup management specialists in Ukraine

How to Build Dedicated Remote Data Backup and Recovery Teams

Building a professional team for remote data backup services is a complex procedure that requires expertise in data management and tech-talent recruitment. You need to take the following steps to build a good team for remote backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution:

  • Figure out your requirements – The first and most important step to form a remote team for outsourcing data backup and recovery solutions is identifying the data management requirements of your business such as type of processes whose data to be backed up, number of employees required, types of roles to look for, and others.
  • Devise a backup/recovery plan – This step should include finalizing the type of backups, location of data storage – on-premises, cloud, or hybrid –, formats of data storage, frequency of backups, and others.
  • Choose the remote destination – A suitable destination for building a remote team for outsourcing disaster recovery and data management. A few competitive destinations include Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, and others.
  • Choose the right recruitment partner – It is highly recommended to choose an expert-level remote hiring partner like us to help you build a specialized team for remote data storage solutions in Ukraine.   
  • Hire tech talent – This process consists of many activities such as sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing, offering, contracting, onboarding, and numerous other HR management functions. To accomplish this process, either you need an expert in-house team or you need support of a professional company like us to help you build a remote team for online data backup services.

Why Outsource Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Outsourcing data storage and disaster recovery solutions for your business offer a wide range of benefits, business continuity, value, reliability, and reputation to your brand such as:

reasons for outsourcing data backup
  • Professional expertise – Outsourcing disaster recovery services for small business or medium-sized businesses brings domain expertise to the company. Remote teams are industry skilled and very well aware of the modern tools, techniques, and technological and market trends related to data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Cost efficiency – The cost of outsource vs. inhouse data storage is very low due to numerous factors in remote countries such as market salaries, living cost, availability of expert resources, and others.
  • Integrated data backup & disaster recovery plan – Data backup and disaster recovery are two major processes that have a very close relationship with each other. The outsourced teams are expert at developing a comprehensive solution/plan that utilizes data backups effectively in disaster recovery solutions in the real-time as well as after-the-event solutions.
  • Effective handling of big data – In modern businesses, the volume of data is exploding with every passing minute. A dedicated remote team specialized in managing big data in line with modern data management standards and best practices. They can help enterprises to extract business value and other intelligence from properly managed heaps of business data.
  • Sufficient time to focus on core business matters – By outsourcing disaster recovery and data storage cloud services, you get sufficient time to focus on the core business ideas and processes that need your full attendance.
  • Faster recovery and restoration of services – The outsourced disaster recovery and SaaS support teams are fully trained and experienced in recovering the lost data and restoring the broken services in a very short time. Thus, you improve your operational hours in case of any cyberattack, infrastructure malfunction, system down, and other natural disasters.
  • Scalability – Outsourced teams are highly scalable with faster turnaround time. You can scale up/down your remote team as the requirements change very quickly.

Services Provided by an IT Disaster Recovery Specialist We Hire

The most common services provided by the remote teams of data backup and IT help desk outsourcing include:

remote data backup services

Planning Disaster Recovery

The professional team we hire is capable of developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to restore the systems quickly. They pre-plan the types of backups such as onsite, offsite, parallel servers, redundant sites, and others, and the procedure to follow, data formats and tools to adopt and much more.

Scheduling Data Backups

In modern technologies, manual data backups have been reduced significantly. New data backup tools are used online as well as offline to schedule the backups after a certain frequency based on the criticality of data created by any business processes of an enterprise. The specialist team of data backup we hire for our clients accomplishes all automated scheduling and verification of the backups regularly.

Data Security & Integrity

The security and integrity of business data are very important for any organization. Protection of stored data from any external or internal threat and maintaining the original shape and size of data without any corruption are the major responsibilities that are performed by the remote data teams we recruit for our clients.

Data Uploading and Restoration

Sometimes, data is required to be uploaded for different testing, updating, or other activities to streamline and improve the operational efficiency and performance of the business processes. If any part of operations gets stuck or halted, the data backup engineers we hire help you restore those processes by updating and uploading the backed-up data smoothly.

Data Migration

Transporting data from one server to another one, from one cloud to another cloud, from on-premises to cloud and vice versa is known as data migration. The data backup and disaster recovery team we hire remotely can provide data migration services professionally by maintaining a high level of security and data integrity.

Conversion of Data Formats & Media

Different companies use different formats and mediums to backup and store data such as tapes, SSDs, HDDs, flash, and others. The remote specialists for disaster recovery and data backup we hire can transfer data from one medium to other one and convert multiple formats interchangeably.

Other Data Services

The data engineers we hire for our clients can provide many other services such as storage consolidation, technical support, industry-standard compliance, and many others.

build data backup and recovery team

How We Find and Hire a Data Backup Technician for Our Clients?

Our hiring procedure of a data backup technician for clients is based on simple and transparent standard steps such as:

  1. Requirement analysis – In this step, our experts collect the requirements of our clients and analyze them to propose a very suitable HR solution that can fulfill those requirements perfectly.
  2. Sourcing tech talent – Our expert recruitment team uses multiple channels such as social media, referrals, job portals, local databases and others to search for the candidates with relevant skills.
  3. Shortlisting – We use our industry expertise and task-specific tools to shortlist the candidates with the required experience and portfolios to find out the most relevant tech-talent.
  4. Interviewing – Our team conducts a series of interviews in coordination and collaboration with our client to finalize the most suitable candidates.
  5. Offering – After the approval from the client, we send an offer letter to the selected candidate for acceptance.
  6. Contract – A detailed contract with the complete set of terms and conditions of the job is signed with the hired candidate by our experts.
  7. Onboarding – Our team introduces the newly hired professional to the existing team and company’s workflows.

What Makes Us Different from Other Backup and Disaster Recovery Companies Market?

We stand out from numerous outsourced recruitment service providing competitors in the marketplace due to:

  • Specialized service – We are experts in hiring backup and disaster recovery professionals that are fully relevant in the modern technologies and trends.
  • Higher cost/quality ratio – Our services offer higher value of the money clients spent in terms of greater quality.
  • Fully managed service – We offer fully managed service, which saves substantial time for our clients to focus on other critical business issues.
  • Competitiveness – Our company offers highly reasonable prices as compared to our competitors
  • End-to-end support – We help our clients from requirement assessment through hiring, onboarding, team expansion, and other supportive services to offer a great value.  

Why Do Companies Prefer Ukraine for Data Backup Outsourcing & Building Data Storage Specialists Teams?

Ukraine has become a new bright spot for IT outsourcing services due to:

  • Impressive IT market – Ukraine’s IT market is expanding exponentially with a growth rate of over 20.44% in exports and total volume reaching over $5 billion. The outlook of the IT industry is very positive powered by expanding IT clusters and communities and projected to continue progressive path in the future too.  
  • Ever-expanding tech talent pool – Ukraine has a large pool of 200 thousand IT specialists and is expanding with thousands of students achieving their graduation degrees annually.
  • Professionalism & commitment – IT specialists in Ukraine are highly committed to their responsibilities and adopt a professional attitude toward problem solving to create great value.
  • Shared Western culture – Ukraine shares European culture and specialists communicate in English efficiently.
  • Affordable prices – The prices of hiring professionals in Ukraine is very competitive as compared to many competitors in the marketplace.

If you are looking for an expert company for remote data management services, get in touch with us to build a dedicated data backup and recovery team in Ukraine!